Why You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring Your Acne Breakout

A skin condition that often frequents the human population, irrespective of ethnicity, is “acne”. It occurs when pores on your skin, containing hair follicles, become clogged. This clogging results from an accumulation of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

Acne progression

Acne first appears as pimples or zits that gradually progress to full-blown acne. Common symptoms are blackheads, whiteheads, scarring, and excessive oil on the skin. Acne’s primary target is a skin housing an abundance of oil glands. It mostly breaks out on the face. Dermatologists at aesthetic clinic in Singapore assist a patient in managing their acne through every stage.

Acne prevalence and treatment

Acne is very common among teenagers. It tends to disappear for most people when they cross their thirties. It stands as the 8th most prevalent disease globally. Acne treatments exist but since acne is persistent, it keeps relapsing and oftentimes renders the treatment protocol ineffective for a short while. Aesthetic clinic in Singapore however offers legitimate treatment programs against acne marks and scars that produce amazing results. Commonly, options such as lifestyle changes and medications are prescribed to manage acne. Patients are advised to avoid carbohydrates especially sugar and recommended salicylic acid-containing products.

Acne and self-esteem

Acne pushes people down an abyss of self-criticism because victims of acne are often bullied or treated with disgust. Such people may end up acquiring anxiety disorder and depression. Counselors at aesthetic clinics provide services to patients who experience mental health issues pertaining to acne.

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