Why Do Fire Extinguishers Need To Be Serviced Regularly?

Fire extinguishers are very useful and they are required on the premises of businesses. They can ensure good protection against the fire. There is different obligation of Fire Extinguisher Servicing Singapore. They can help you in different styles. They can provide the proper inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers. These service providers of Fire Extinguisher can be useful and secure you in case of any emergency.

Safety always comes first in business so if you are dealing with the business then you can avail the service of Fire Extinguisher Servicing Singapore. There are different types of suppliers of fire extinguishers in Singapore.

The service providers are well equipped with different instruments. If you have any emergency then you can simply ask for help from these service providers.

They must have the maintained fire extinguisher. The main activities of Fire Extinguisher Servicing Singapore:

  1. In case of any emergency then service providers can discharge the extinguisher.
  2. After discharging then the try to Unscrew the head cap safely. You must check all removable parts for any sign of blockages.
  3. You should examine the extinguisher body internally as it will allow you to see any signs of corrosion and leaking.
  4. You can rinse extinguishers with water.
  5. Replace o rings and hose rings.
  6. Refilling the extinguisher
  7. Refit the head caps.
  8. Re-pressurize the extinguisher

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