What To Know If You’re Planning To Get Ceramic Braces

It is a well-known and accepted the fact that the confidence of a person depends to a great extent on a beautiful smile. Today many people are turning to orthodontic treatments for aesthetic reasons. Misaligned teeth can be fixed using fixed braces which are available in different materials.

Ceramic braces more popular than metal braces and are made of ceramic material. There is not much difference between metal and ceramic braces except for brackets are made of ceramic material unlike metal in metal braces.

Ceramic braces are less noticeable as ceramic material matches the colour of the teeth. The arch wire that is fixed to the brackets is thinner when compared to the metal braces, occasionally the wire is made of a polymer which is clear and is less visible. However, they are fragile and should be taken extra care to prevent them from chipping and breaking. The ceramic material can get stained, and hence, it is advisable to quit coffee and tea.

If you are wondering about the ceramic braces, cost Singapore then they can cost you anywhere between $4,300-$6,000. However, you can save up to $800 by having ceramic braces for upper teeth and have metal braces for lower teeth.

You can get the ceramic braces treatment done in both public and private clinics. Although treatment at a private clinic is slightly higher than that of public dental clinics, excellent treatment, and care is offered. The wait time is also very long in public clinics.

Ceramic braces are transparent and are aesthetically more appealing than metal braces making them popular among young adults and teenagers.

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