What Makes For Safe & Productive Usage Of Lorry Cranes

It is essential to have a mobile crane on the construction site as it can make a lot of things easier if it is used properly. Apart from carrying heavy materials from one place to the other it also helps in cutting down the investment in hiring labour. Below are a few tips, which can make the usage of lorry crane safer and productive:

1. Qualified and Trained Operator

The latest cranes have relatively complex systems as now they can lift much heavier things. Therefore, the manager should only hire qualified and trained crane operators, preferably those who have previously done some lorry crane training course. A trained operator will have the required knowledge about driving and operating the crane. Moreover, he will also be able to avoid minor problems and accidents. A crane operator and supervisor should know sign language so that in case of noise they are able to communicate in sign language.

2. Material and Machinery Should Be Secured Properly

One of the major causes of injuries, causalities and other crane-related accidents is improper loading and unloading of heavy objects. Improper loading of goods is also dangerous for employees working nearby; even small objects like tool boxes, water cooler and bolts should be secured. It is essential that the whole crew is well-versed on properly securing and loading goods on cranes.

3. Proper Safety Measures

There are many things on a construction site that can be hazardous and not taking proper safety measures can subsequently cause injuries and even casualties. Ensure all safety measures are implemented at the construction site. There are specific safety procedures for machinery like cranes so crane supervisor, inspection team, operators and maintenance team should be familiar with all safety procedures. There should be warning signs on the construction site as well to ensure the safety of employees.

4. Use Proper Apparel When Working

All labour and employees should be provided with the right protective apparel and gear. Protective gear includes gloves, earplugs, eyewear, helmets and safety jackets. Make sure all employees wear a neon-coloured jacket so that they are prominent from afar. All the equipment provided to workers should be according to the standards provided by the authorities and all equipment should be inspected properly before every use.

5. Type of Terrain for Working with Crane

There are different types of cranes available that are used in different types of terrains and areas. Most cranes are designed in such a way that these can easily be used in small spaces. If the terrain of the construction site is uneven and rough, it can be difficult to maintain the balance of an ordinary crane. It is preferable to use the crane according to the conditions of the construction site, otherwise, there are chances of crane tumbling over or causing an accident on a construction site.

These are a few tips that a manager should keep in mind in order to ensure the safety of employees at the construction site.

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