What is Cellulite And Treatments To Get Rid Of It

Cellulite is a skin condition, which forms a lumpy or dimpled buildup of fat, especially in thighs and buttocks. When the collection of fat pushes through the linked tissues under the skin, this condition develops.

Here are some of its quick facts

  • Cellulite is a common condition, which more than 80 to 90 percent of women suffer at some point in time
  • It is also known as orange-peel skin as it looks the same
  • There are different treatment options but most of them have short-term effects
  • Active lifestyle, smoke-free life, and low-fat diet can help you avoid this condition

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite forms dimples and lumps in the skin and is also known as cottage-cheese skin, orange-peel skin, mattress phenomenon, and hail damage. Cellulite is very common in women because of varied distributions in muscle, fat, and connective tissue.

Treatment Options

A lot of therapies and options are out there for cellulite treatment Singapore. Here are some of the techniques to help you reduce the cellulite appearance –

Acoustic wave therapy– It includes a device that transmits sound waves to burn fat tissues. However, it takes several sessions.

Vacuum-guided tissue release– It cuts the bands with a device using small blades. As the connecting bands are cut, the inner tissue moves up and fills the space, while removing cellulite.

Laser treatment– It improves the overall look of cellulite for around a year as it puts tiny laser probes beneath the skin. The laser breaks up the tissue, which thickens the skin and improves collagen buildup.

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