Taste The Flavours Of The World From Your Very Kitchen

During this time, we’re maintaining a safe distance while coming together as a society. We can’t deny that it can be hard sometimes; adapting to a whole new routine after sticking to a usual one for years. There are certain activities that we have to put on hold too. For example, if we crave for a bowl of Assam Laksa, we can simply go across the causeway to our neighbouring country: Malaysia!

While being abroad is certainly exciting and enjoyable, there are many factors to worry about, be it securing travel insurance like an air ambulance, not getting lost, and especially during this period – the COVID-19 pandemic. The best case scenario would be to stay put at home and keep ourselves safe, and it’s possible to do it luxuriously; as if you’re travelling the entire globe.

Often, people say that one way to immerse yourself in a local culture is through their food. Without further ado, here are some dish ideas we can whip up to not only satiate our hunger – but our desire to travel as well!

1. Colcannon Potatoes

Colcannon – or Irish Mashed Potatoes – is a classic Irish dish, with many different variations. The ingredients needed are so simple that you can probably find them in your kitchen: cabbage, potatoes, milk, bacon, and seasonings of your choice.

2. Oatmeal Rolls

Oatmeal Rolls are a traditional Scottish dish! It differentiates itself from the usual bread, due to the addition of oatmeal. This goes so well with soups or stew, and is a perfect alternative to rice.

3. Finnish Pinwheels

As the name suggests, this cookie is loved by those in Finland. If you’re familiar with jam biscuits that you can find in supermarkets in Singapore, then great! Give this cookie a try. You can also substitute the jam filling with other breakfast spreads.

4. Paella

Paella is a Spanish rice dish and is one of the best-known dishes in Spanish cuisine. If you travel to Spain, you can’t leave without having this! It’s served on a pan with seasoned arborio rice – which is Italian short-grain rice – and meat of your choice.

5. Katsudon

This is a widely-known Japanese food, which can either be a pork, beef, or chicken cutlet rice bowl. Katsudon is rice served in a bowl, with fried meat of your choice, egg, vegetables and condiments.

6. Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Chinese scallion pancakes, or “cong you bing” is made from dough instead of batter. Since it’s pan-fried, the texture is crispy and the layers formed gives off a chewy texture.

7. Japchae

Tame your K-Drama fever with this simple and tasty meal that’ll leave your tastebuds dancing in joy! Japchae is a sweet and savoury dish from South Korea, and it’s made out of glass noodles and vegetables. You can even add some forms of protein to go with the noodles!


You might have stepped out of your comfort zone by trying dishes you’ve probably never heard of before! Don’t hesitate to add a local twist to the meals mentioned above. As long as they’re prepared with sincerity and love, they’ll undoubtedly be #ChefsKiss certified! We recommend coming up with a list before dropping by the grocery store.

As you explore the different dishes, perhaps this might give you an idea of where to travel to next. Having a dream country in mind would act as great motivation for you as we practise safe distancing at home.

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