Main Benefits of Choosing Personalised Engagement Rings

Personalised engagement ring means the one which is made from scratch against your order. Choosing an already made ring and getting it modified is not personalized ring. An engagement customized as per your instructions is a great idea. It adds a certain level of intimacy and uniqueness in the whole affair. Your girl will love it and nothing can stop her from saying those two magical words now. Here we will shed light on the benefits of diamond wedding ring and why it is such a great idea to get your engagement ring personalised.

How to make a personalized engagement ring?

  • Choose a special stone, cut, color and design.
  • It takes time, around 3-5 weeks so order your ring much early than your engagement day.
  • Select a good jeweler.

How much it costs?

Depending on what you want it can cost you from US$6000 to upwards.

Benefits of a personalized engagement ring:

  • It is unique and special.
  • It gives you the creative freedom to experiment.
  • It shows your love and commitment.
  • You typically get a higher quality ring then what is available in the market.
  • It carries great symbolic value.


A personalized ring is a terrific way to woo your special one. It lasts a lifetime and will always keep reminding her of your love and affection. It’s expensive but it’s special value justifies the price tag.


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