Fascinating Drum Facts That You May Not Know About

There is something undeniably unique about drums. This percussion instrument can add, transform and elevate the texture of the sound, giving it a finesse touch. Add in a beat and everyone will come to life! This amazing instrument is undoubtedly an essential component in music production but do you know that there is much more to it than just a mere percussion instrument? Read on to find out more.

The World’s Oldest Instrument

Drums were first discovered in the Neolithic cultures in China and they dated back to 5500-2350 BC. Unlike the typical cow skin, these drums were made with alligator skins. According to the supporting literary records, these drums were believed to possess shamanistic qualities and were often used in ritual ceremonies.

Drums also played a role in medieval and Renaissance Europe as a means to relay coded instructions and messages between the infantry and soldiers.

Not Just For Music

The functions of these percussion instruments extend outside the music sphere. Just like how the vocal cords are used as a musical instrument and a communication tool, so are the drums! These specific types of drums, the talking drums, are used as a means of communication, especially in long distances. For instance, the talking drums in Africa can emulate the tone patterns of their spoken language.

Inspired by this very notion, drums are also used in music therapy as a way for one to express their emotions. You can explore your internal issues without having to divulge your feelings and display vulnerability to somebody else. Drum therapy has helped those who suffered from depression, autism and anxiety.

Animals Drum Too

We are not the only ones who use drums as a form of expression. You must’ve seen a Gorilla beating their chest before. Primates make these drumming sounds whenever they perceive a threat or danger to themselves or their families. It acts as a warning before an attack.

Another animal that drums are palm cockatoos. These gorgeous birds will not only drum, but they will actually create instruments to do so! They are one of the very few animals, other than humankind, to take part in tool manufacturing. These birds will use items such as a large seedpod or a branch as their drumsticks. As a bid to entice the female palm cockatoos, they will perform these drumming sequences that may even last to 30 minutes. These sequences are not random either, like that of the gorilla. They are evenly spaced, and each has its own distinct style!

Drumming Is A Workout

Even though drumming looks like relatively stationary activity, it actually isn’t! In the same span of time, drumming burns more calories compared to exercises such as cycling and weight lifting. Drumming is an intense workout that builds your strength and cardiovascular fitness. When playing the drums, especially for a highly rhythmic performance, you make full use of your body and your heart rate naturally increases to keep up with the aerobic and anaerobic breakdown of glucose. You will burn about 400 to 600 calories within an hour. Drumming now allows you to not only rock it out, but you can now lose weight too. Who would’ve thought?


Nobody can deny that the rhythm section will be incomplete with a drum set. It gives an essential texture to the music even with a simple drum sequence you might’ve picked up in your first few drum lessons for adults. You will need to be skilful in limb independence, hand-eye coordination and have a good sense of rhythm. If you find this a tad too daunting, try your hand at singing! Enrol in singing lessons for adults and pick up skills to flaunt them in your next karaoke session!

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