Essential Skills To Become A Professional Data Scientist

We live in a digital world. As we keep on using high-end digital technology, we end up gathering and using a huge amount of data on a day-to-day basis. In managing, analyzing, and interpreting data, the concept of Big Data comes in. Big Data is concerned with the meaningful mining of data by a team of professional data scientists who are capable of discovering meaningful insights from it. If you wish to become a successful data scientist, you can consider taking up a relevant Data Science course in Singapore for the best results.

Whether it is the process of refining product development, improving customer retention, or mining through available data to come across new business opportunities, business enterprises all around the world rely on the expertise of data scientists to grow, sustain, and outrun the existing competition.

Skills needed to become a data scientist

As you take up a proper Data Science course in Singapore, you will be required to learn some essential skills to become a professional data scientist.

Technical Skills

Data scientists are usually required to have a master’s degree or a PhD in the field of computer science, engineering, or statistics. This helps them in gaining a strong foundation with the basics of Data Science to connect with the technical aspects of the subject. Some of the additional technical skills required to become a data scientist are:

  • Knowledge of SAS & other analytical tools: When you have the proper knowledge of the right analytical tools, it can help you in obtaining the exact insights out of the organized and cleaned data. Some of the popular data analytical tools, including SAS, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, R, and Spark are the ones used by the leading data scientists.
  • Programming: You are also required to possess the knowledge of the programming languages, including C/C++, Python, Java, Perl, and SQL.
  • Efficiency in working with unstructured data: As a data scientist, you are expected to be adept at working efficiently with unstructured data. Moreover, as a data scientist, if you are working on a specific marketing project towards helping the team deliver insightful research, you should be experienced at handling social media as well.

Non-technical Skills

Here are some:

  • Strong communication skills: As a data scientist, you are able to understand and interpret data effectively. For the organization to understand your interpretations, it is imperative for you to possess strong communication skills.
  • A strong business acumen: To allow your technical skills to be channeled properly, it is vital for you to possess strong business acumen as a professional data scientist. Being adept at this non-technical skill, you will be able to discern the existing issues along with the potential challenges that need to be resolved to help the organization grow & sustain itself.

Train up your mastery of the required skills with data analytics courses and embark on the journey to becoming a professional data scientist today!

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