Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Termites In Singapore

In Singapore, there are three types of termites to know. They live in different places and properties. In HDB Flats and Condominium, you will see Subterranean and Dry wood. They also at landed properties indoor. You will not find them in the garden area. Termite removal Singapore will classify them based on their type. Therefore, the treatment to remove them would be effective.

1. Subterranean termites

This is the common one in Singapore that comes from the soil. They slowly go up to building structure. They eat wood cellulose like wood that contacted with water and paper cupboard. Water leakage issues will make a high chance for you to get this termite. Termite removal would inform you about the potential termite areas including the water leakage issues in your home.To treat this termite, there are three things to do. Termite dusting treatment, termite baiting treatment, and spot treatment. Let the professional explain you about it, including the cost. Termite baiting treatment takes from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. This time is taken to eliminate the colony. Every 7 to 14 days, the termite specialist would come to inspect. Termite baiting is strongly recommended.

2. Dry wood termites

This is the second common termites in Singapore. It is well known as Kalotermitidae. This is the second most destructive termites. If you have it in your house, it means they are flying in during the swarming season. They discard their wings. You can see them near door frames, wooden skirting, or wardrobes. You also may find them when you buy the untreated antique furniture, secondhand furniture, or export furniture. Dry wood termites are found in untreated wood. It is usually for carpentry works. Termite removal will use termite foaming, drilling of small holes, or spot treatment. Dry wood termites are difficult to detect. They are able to extract all the moisture from the wood. Once they eat well, it means you are ready to get more protection from predators.

3. Damp wood termites

It is called garden termites. It is the least problem in Singapore, they found in landscape areas and eat rotten wood or tree shrubs. They live in the soil and love the moist area. To check their existence, you need to call Termite removal. They will do pre-construction soil treatment, post-construction, and termite rodding. Avoid furniture around water. The rodding treatment application is by used the pesticide by hollow steel tubes. It inserts horizontally or vertically into the soil. The soil treatment also can be used to remove the damp wood. It is done before constructed.

Whenever you meet these three termites, you may not spray insecticide. It just makes the termites more aggressive. They will move to another place, and it makes the pest control should do the hard work. You may need termites prevention guard soon. You have a chance to take control of the termites in the house. Termite removal will come based on your request. Calling termite specialist will help you to prevent the re-occur of termites. Get the warranty for their service.

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