Choosing A Rug For The Bedroom: Why Placement & Size Matters

An area rug Singapore can benefit almost all rooms in your home but the bedroom is the only place where they fit perfectly. An area rug can easily absorb sound, maintain temperature, and make it a bit cozier when you get out of your bed. It adds a bit of texture, color, and pattern to your living space. Well, it is not easy to choose a new piece from online furniture shop.


First thing you should consider is how you want to use that rug. Area rugs are mainly placed beside coffee tables. You may also place it next to your bed, in a large bedroom, at the foot of the bed, and to add appeal to a specific sitting area.


There are some general rules to avoid picking a rug, which is too small for its space. Also, make sure it does not touch the walls. Leave 5 inches at least in between the edge of a rug and the wall.

If you have a small bedroom, make sure the area rug is wide enough to fill the whole room. If the closet door or bedroom swings over the rug ensure that, the bottom of the door is high enough to clear it without dragging.

Placing under the bed

There are two options if you want to position an area rug under the bed – place the rug completely under the bed (with nightstands) or place the lower 2/3rd of the bed on the rug and leave nightstands and top of the bed on the bare floor.

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