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A Comprehensive Overview of STEAM Education in IB Schools

STEAM takes the idea from STEM education and takes it to the next level, combining the foundations of this approach with an added discipline: art. It is thought that these subjects, taught by engaging students in hands-on, interdisciplinary learning, will provide students a more comprehensive understanding of the most vital skills and […]

How To Properly Store Your Electric Motors: A Complete Guide

Undoubtedly, electric motors are crucial when it comes to planting or industrial operations. In the event that they should experience failure, so will other day-to-day operations and procedures within the workplace. With such an incident occurring, one may need to resort to electrical motor rewinding for the equipment to be in top […]

4 Essential Reasons Why Renting a Car is the Best Idea

It is common knowledge that owning a car in Singapore is expensive. With rising Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices and road taxes, many Singaporeans may opt to take the more affordable public transports. However, there may be moments where you find yourself requiring a vehicle. On such occasions, why not […]