3 Benefits Of Learning English In A Remote Setting

Now that learning and education as a whole have taken a shift towards the virtual trajectory due to the global pandemic, online learning has become the most sought-after approach during this difficult time. Whilst it may not come close to the effectiveness of a traditional class, online classes also have its advantageous!

If you’re deciding whether to jump at the opportunity to learn English or wait till Phase 3 allows you to enrol in a traditional classroom, here are a few plus points that may just persuade you to take the remote route.

Flexible environment

One of the most straightforward pros to an online English course is basically bringing your education right to where you are! This is attribute alone has tempted many students to take the online route as they can avoid the cumbersome preparation and travelling needed to attend the class. Everything you need is just at your fingertips, and so long as you have a working laptop and Internet, you’re ready to go!

On that note, do ensure that you’ve done your much-needed preparation for your lessons! This means familiarizing yourself with the video conferencing platform and having your materials right beside you. A comfortable environment will cease to be enjoyable if you’re spending a significant amount stressing over navigating the video conferencing software or running around trying to find your materials.

Caters to your convenience

One of the beautiful things about having your lessons online is its flexibility and convenience. You now have the opportunity to plan the lessons’ timetable around your personal schedule, especially now that you are able to have your lessons practically anywhere, so long as you have access to a laptop and Internet. Furthermore, most institutions will make class materials available online. You won’t have to scour for specific books as they’ll be given directly to you!

Affordable lessons

For those who wish to have access to affordable methods of learning, online courses are the way to go! Apart from the course materials and the teaching services, you can save on other expenses such as transportation and facility use!

With that said, this is only the case for those who already possess a personal laptop. Of course, you can afford to go to a local library or perhaps an internet café but these locations don’t provide the conducive environment for classes that require engagement and interaction between the teacher and students. In this situation, a traditional classroom may be much more beneficial, if you calculate the total costs throughout the duration of your education.

Regardless of the route you wish to take, both traditional and online classes have their respective pros and cons. However, if you wish to pick up a skill set amidst the global pandemic, the natural option is, undoubtedly, the online classes. If you’re in no rush to pick up a new language, you may want to also consider enrolling in a classroom-based IELTS lesson once the circuit breaker measures have been lifted.

With that said, we hope that you continue to practise good personal and respiratory hygiene. The fight against COVID-19 is not yet over, so be vigilant and stay safe!

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